work in progress 

moths are dirty dusty tiny insignificant creatures / moths eat our clothes and as such are pests / moths are attracted to light and often get so close as to die because they are stupid

personal project: using these basic moth myths, creating the world around moths to evoke them through their own absence. beginning from a human perspective gradually closing in on the moth through these often misleading moth tropes. misleading because:

moths’ wings are not “dust” but really tiny scales.

moths don’t eat clothes and many species don’t even have mouths. it is the larvae that need to eat to grow to pupate to turn into a moth to mate to lay eggs… so some species may eat natural fabrics. one larva couldn’t eat an entire garment but only enough to be able to pupate. clothes moths don’t like light either and will retreat to dark places.

concerning the moths that do flit about the various light sources: not much is known about how moths see but maybe they use the moon as a constant in navigation (which apparently appears at what is called “optical infinity“) which is useful for triangulation so they can maintain a steady path in flight which all seems pretty smart. so it becomes unsurprising that artificial lighting must confuse the hell out of them. some say that moths are instead attracted to darkness. a mach band is created around a light source such as the light from a lamp and this is perceptually the darkest area to where moths are drawn. others simply say confusion is attraction which is nice in its poeticism.