four moths 

but i only have two moths to post and then i will show you only one for now. this one was resting quite a way back from the light sources and where two walls meet. another came by and flitted about all over the show too fast to be documented and it harassed the quiet rester and they fell and disappeared into my clothes presumably never to see light again. quiet rester looked really similar to the first but had stripes instead of spots and was a little smaller. in the photo you can see that it also differs as it has stubs for antennae. i’m not sure whether they are meant to be like this or if life’s been difficult. i’m not even entirely sure it was antennae now that i think about it. maybe it was the tongue. i will take an educated guess it is also a part of the geometridae family but not going to commit to xyridacma ustaria. identifying has been difficult lately. when university subsides i will go to te papa to see the moth collection and to the library to get some moth books.

speaking of moth tongues, have you heard about darwin’s predicted moth which was discovered forty years later and helped his argument for co-evolution?