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  • emim 353 on 15 November 2011 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: ethna, , kate sylvester, t-shirt   

    into the light – kate sylvester 

    the summer 2011 collection and it’s about moths! and the speedway among other things. some prints do look suspiciously like butterflies but there is a healthy inclusion of the famed hawk moth and death moth. other than the obvious, shapes allude to the patterns on the wings of moths as well as the wings of moths and the toned down colours help us associate more with the more modest moth and not the showy butterfly setting a nice relaxed mood for the warmer months. so i can’t really talk fashion as you can tell but i want. check out the rest of the collection here.

  • emim 205 on 4 November 2011 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: rita angus, self-portrait (with moth and caterpillar), unfinished   

    self-portrait (with moth and caterpillar) – rita angus 

    this is unfinished as you can see but it is still lovely. what is there not to love about rita angus? and the affair with douglas lilburn seems very scandalous especially in her day but apparently he was a closet homo-sexual. anyway aside from the various obscure extraneous contextual stuff, the forming of new zealand’s artistic history and so forth, i think this is an interesting work. she made many self-portraits but kept them to herself but who explicitly includes a moth and its baby in their self-portrait let alone title of the work? they can only mean well many different things. if we use the moth as a metaphor for drab tiny insignificant modest and so on, wondering why she has them on her shoulder can give us some meaning here. the unfinishedness if you will, yet the colouring added to the moth and caterpillar, also suggests that she no longer wanted to continue this line of thought or maybe she had sorted it all out mentally by this time. anyway, rita angus’s work is very cool and very new zealand.

  • emim 116 on 30 October 2011 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: adam art gallery, moth tone, seth frightening, wellington   

    moth tone – seth frightening 

  • emim 1238 on 22 October 2011 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , butterflies, flinn gendall, motherhood, stomach   

    motherhood – flinn gendall 

  • emim 447 on 21 September 2011 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: bag moth, hine raukatauri, liothula omnivora, maaori music, puutoorino, raukatauri   

    puutoorino a raukatauri 

    in english there is only one word for moth but in maaori there are lots and each has slightly different connotations and meaning. puureehua, puurehurehu, puurerehu, puurerehua, pepe, peepepe are some alternatives to ‘moth’. i think that moths must be very important to new zealand which may be due to the fact that new zealand has the highest percentage of moth species which are only found here. one very special moth is the common bag moth or puutoorino a raukatauri or liothula omnivora of the psychidae family.

    “The name Raukatauri comes from the legend of Hine Raukatauri, the Goddess of Flutes, who is the personification of Music.  In Maori legend, Hine Raukatauri is the casemoth who lives in her elongated cocoon that hangs from many native trees.  Maori make a unique flute, the putorino, in the shape of the casemoth’s home.

    The male casemoth pupates and flies away, but the female remains in her case.  At night as the breeze blows through the cocoon, the call of the female moth to her lover is heard as a sweet but barely audible sound.  This has been the inspiration for all Maori flute music.”

    maaori culture uses more wind instruments rather than ones that are struck which is particularly unusual in the larger scheme of things but understandable after reading about hine raukatauri. the puutoorino is arguably the best maaori musical instrument. it has three different timbres used for different occasions and each is sacred. a flute sound is made by blowing across the hole in the middle and is the female voice depicting hine raukatauri, a trumpet sound is made at one end and is the male voice, and it also can be sung into.

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