mothlight – stan brakhage part 2

moth wings found in light fixtures (and some other natural found objects) were stuck between two strips of clear film to create mothlight. click here to see some of the film as it turns out to be quite beautiful as images. the literal use of moths, that is unmediated by recording technology, as a central material focuses on the mundane, the dirty, and dead and has literally zoomed in to give poetic meaning. the outcome is noisy and disorienting. a sense of unease is created because such material is not normally viewed so close. it is also so close to the medium, creating strong interplay between message and medium for the viewer to negotiate. the collage of this material in a film medium changes the way we interpret the work. as a film, we are bound to the narrativic aspects more readily, yet the inherent collage properties return us to material itself (which is moth debris – fun).

brakhage is hugely influential in experimental film. a nice write-up on him and his work is here.