unknown death’s head hawk moth

found this trolling the blogs but not sure who it’s by or what it’s called but nevermind. there is a bit of a fascination with the death’s head hawk moth at the moment because it is such a peculiar moth not just in the real world as such but also within the cultural/fictional/artistic kind of realm if you’ll excuse my lack of specificity. this specific moth is complex but will let you decide for yourself over time. in terms of this work the death’s head hawk moth is centred so that we may focus upon it. it is also one moth among many as we get to see parts of other moths presumably as part of something like a catalogue. the featured is perhaps number 14 or number 16. to me it seems open as to whether we have paused to admire this bizarre moth or if we have paused at this one moth as we would all the moths which is where the half the fun lies.