flutter – ven voisey

Ven Voisey is a multi-disciplinary artist who focuses on sound art and conceptual art, primarily creating installations. First of all, the conceptions of the moth are important here, without which we would not understand this. The dead or false moths behind the light fixture panels, circling lightbulbs and creating shadows here allude to this. The amplified hum of the light and the ‘one-note requiem’ point us toward the repetitive/redundant activity of moths near a light source. From a distance, such as a human distance from a light source, this activity can only be seen as a hum or a drone. However, if we expand the metaphor to humans toward light for instance, which makes sense regarding the immersive environment of the installation, the violinist and the single light drawing us into the shadow room, we can carry that idea over. That our activities would also produce a hum from a distance, becoming something insignificant yet meaningful for those within it. Sorry, it turned somewhat nihilistic. Here’s Voisey’s blog.