appleworm – satanstompingcaterpillars 

before black moth super rainbow became black moth super rainbow they were satanstompingcaterpillars. i think that the album this song is on (the autumn kaleidoscope got changed) got released under both aliases but more formally as bmsr in 2009. in other words the caterpillar metamorphosed into a moth though maybe they’re missing the middle part – pupa please.

the apple worm is not really a worm but the caterpillar of the codling moth (cydia pomonella of the tortricidae family) which, judging by the name of the family it is under, sounds bad. and it is –  a fairly widespread and serious pest even here in new zealand. but there are some good controls out and about. the better ones seem to not be synthetic/chemical sprays but alternative/organic forms of control such as pheromone disruption so that they get confused and do not mate. there is also introducing its nemesis – the wasp – to the situation. it lays eggs in the moths’ eggs. gross but works apparently.  and introduction of viruses which attack only the codling and other things which sound scary. so everything is somewhat under control despite having to kind of impose ourselves within these parts of the eco-system quite dramatically. anyway, listen to the track and click here.