another brown evening 

ending the day post tentative socialising and chores and less university work with this moth. that is ending it pleasantly. this is the largest moth i have seen at this home and apparently when people talk about insects and their size they always exaggerate and claim they are larger than they really are. sounds familiar right but it makes sense that if you focus on something that it should seem bigger (the same happens with sound). being reasonable the wingspan of this moth was about four centimetres. i don’t have a camera so the laptop was retrieved and was looking forward to infinite moths from the reflection on the window but it was not to be. something to do with quality or something. anyway, this is the brown evening moth again (gellonia dejectaria of the geometridae family) which is a new zealand native. there must be some mahoe trees nearby being the food for the larvae of this species as well as for the larvae of the feredayia graminosa aka the mahoe stripper. this brown evening moth snuck away to the wall in the hallway while i wasn’t looking.