moths of long exposure

A lovely photograph of what looks like a couple swirls when we get down to it really but it is a moth being chased and eaten by a bat. Found at the wake forest university website, the biology department of which is very enthusiastic about the subjects of the photograph above. even though it is a somewhat novel technique, it is nice to see it used photographing things other than stars and traffic such as a moth’s erratic movements. it is a way better idea. nonlinearity really stands out to me here (perhaps i have watched the cartoons here too many times – such as this one – and forget about these things). chronologically it is not concerned with a to b or moth to flame (or rather moth to bat) and it is also less about the subjects specifically (they are just swirls) which makes it more about the overriding form or life of the moth.

the above photograph inspired the moth trails collection. the one below is a photo from that collection: