front and back

this one was on my flatmate’s window probably watching 30 rock. the top photo shows the moth blocking our view of the screen inside likely to be absorbed and laughing how moths do. it’s a really bizarre looking moth especially belly-side. actually it must be quite strange seeing let alone getting a clearer photograph of this side of a moth in general. click on it for detail. it’s pretty risque.

it’s been a little while and my memory is only getting worse but here goes. the colour is duller on this guy or at least compared to this one which is perhaps too green but i think it is the mahoe stripper though i can’t reconcile the antennae at this stage. anyway, for now it is a new zealand native and the larvae eat the leaves of mahoe trees hence the name. it is known as the feredayia graminosa of the arctiidae family. apparently the adults are “on wing” october to january but these photos were taken on the 27th of september. i guess it’s not a huge difference though.